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Eurovision 2012 Winner Israel Official Promo CD Single Izabo Time Esc

Eurovision 2012 Winner Israel Official Promo CD Single Izabo Time Esc
Eurovision 2012 Winner Israel Official Promo CD Single Izabo Time Esc
Eurovision 2012 Winner Israel Official Promo CD Single Izabo Time Esc

Eurovision 2012 Winner Israel Official Promo CD Single Izabo Time Esc    Eurovision 2012 Winner Israel Official Promo CD Single Izabo Time Esc

OFFICIAL & ORIGINAL PROMO CD SINGLE! MEN WE ARE PROUDLY PRESENT THE ISRAELI ENTRY FOR THE 2012 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST WOW. Will participate in the first part of the First Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday 22th of May. NUMBER ONE TV-SHOW IN THE WORLD.

On three occasions, with Izhar Cohen & Alphabeta in 1978 and the song. Abanibi , Milk & Honey featuring Gali Atari won in 1979 with. AND HOPEFULLY THIS YEAR THEY GONNA MAKE IT BIG TIME. Israeli broadcaster IBA selected the group Izabo to represent them in the 2012 edition of. The alternative band will perform the Ran Shem-Tov and Shiri Hadar song.

Izabo are best described as a brilliant, action packed combination of Psychadelic Rock, Disco, Punk flavoured with Arabic spices. They secured a spot as one of. S most successful alternative pop bands with the 2003 release of their debut album The Fun Makers. From there Izabo went on to sign with Sony BMG, and in the same year released The Morning Hero EP in the. And began to take their funky sounds to an international audience.

In January of 2005 The Fun Makers was released in the Benelux countries via the label Rough Trade NL, and in 2006 it was released in. Since 2006, Izabo have been busy touring. Constantly and showcasing their catchy disco beats at a variety of festivals including Trans Musicales, The Paleo Festival, and Eurosonic. Their second album Superlight was released in.

In 2008 with Roymusic/ Discograph to rave reviews. In October 2011 Izabo signed with the English Label 100% Records, who signed artists among Gossip, Moby and Placebo. Izabos first three Track EP has been released in the. This July, with their brand new album due to be released by the end of the year, in the.

{authentic comment from the youtube channel}. I can say nothing but that this is the BEST song for ESC 2012, awesme! Time, time, dont let me down, Youre the man in my playground. What you say, I will obey Night and day. Feel free to turn me on, Feel free to change my song, I will start and youll go on Sing my song.

I say Chorus: Zman-man Ten li rak siman-man Ten li et hazman Lama lokhets alay Tishan. You dont know what you talk about Zman man Lama lo tishan-shan Tagid li. Zman Lama lihiyot shakhor, lavan Time, time, dont you be mine, I will feed his songs and wine.

Make you lazy, Ill make you late. Wait, wait, we two are one, But you always take the lead. I lay down and you just run, Minds your sweep.

Zman Lama lihiyot shakhor, lavan. You dont know what you talk about. {authentic, selected comments from the youtube channel}.

Eurovision 2012 my favorite songs. Very good song, 12 points from. NOOOOOOO; Definitely 12 points go to Izabo!! I love this song, but it won't win; it's too alternative, modern, and cool.

It's not cheap and pop enough. This song is a gift.

It's elegant and catchy at the same time. Finally something with personality this year for Eurovision.. I love it sooo much!

A ja zobacze punktacje jak na byych forach irlandzkich w rozliczeniach tabelkowych.. Such a cute song,, so different.

This song is weird but one of the good ones. Sound is just makes me happy and confused but i like it. I think i will vote for this with my both hands. LOVING the fact an indie band is representing. I think I can understand that.

For me this song is a strange mixture of happiness and melancholia. Wish I could understand the Israeli lyrics.

Should definetily be in the final - if so a Top 10-Hit! I think it will stand out from the rest.

"Good luck from The Netherlands". "Wow I think the replay button is angry at me because too much pressings :P". I like this song so much!!!!

One of the different ethnic songs in 2012 ESC with. This song reminds me of something beautiful! WILL BE 2ND IN FINAL. Reminds me of my favorite Andreas Johnsson from.

Izabo you will get my vote! It's been years that I wonder why - for god sake - the Eurovision song contest is all about trash music. It could have been still POP music but more rellavant and original (somthing like an International "American Idol"), but instead it's totally low and boring kitch. And then came Izabo of Israel. Very Cool sound something between Brit Rock-Pop Blur? And medeterian violin, up-tempo and catchy. I love 2 song this year. This song is really good, so shinny and funny.

Definitetly unique and catchy song!!! It's going to stuck in my head for long time now.

Nice song welcome to Baku Israil we love you. Very great and super song! This is an fantastic song.

Very funny 10 Points from GEORGA!! "This could win Eurovision - it stands out". I vote for this song. This song is my favorite for 2012. Maybe you cant believe that but 12 points from.

Standing still - AWESOME song - my favourite this year. Why do I think of some yet unreleased Tarantino movie when I hear this song? Best song of the whole competition, 12 points from. This song is really good!

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  3. Genre: the israeli brilliant entry for the 2012 esc

Eurovision 2012 Winner Israel Official Promo CD Single Izabo Time Esc    Eurovision 2012 Winner Israel Official Promo CD Single Izabo Time Esc